Title: How to Create an Externality

Date: 1 January 2013

Title: Innovation, Parallel Shifts of Supply, and Welfare

Date: 2013



Title: Low-Dose Risk Assessment for Arsenic A Meta-Analysis Approach

Date: 27 November 2012



Title: How Economic Development Affects Antibiotic Resistance

Date: 2011

Title: Income Mobility and the Earned Income Tax Credit Short-Term Safety Net or Long Term Income Support

Date: 2011

Title: Long-Term Tax Liability And The Effects Of Refundable Credits

Date: 2011



Title: Do Charter Schools Affect Property Values

Date: 2009



Title: Is there a difference between private and public education on college performance

Date: 18 March 2004



Title: How property rights and patents affect antibiotic resistance

Date: 15 December 2003

Title: Local Politics and the Demand for Public

Date: 2003



Title: Why Higher Real Higher Wages May Reduce Altruism For The Poor

Date: Summer 2002



Title: Efficiency Costs And The Demand For Income Redistribution

Date: May 1998



Title: Perspectives of Practicing Nurses on Ethical Economic Issues In Health Care Economics

Date: December 1995

Title: Perspectives of Nursing Executives Regarding Ethical-Economics Issues

Date: April 1995



Title: Income Redistribution An International Perspective

Date: 29 November 1994



Title: Distributional Implications of the Social Security Spouse Benefit

Date: October 1993

Title: Discrimination and Diversity Market and Non-Market Settings

Date: 10 August 1993

Title: Lifetime and Annual Marginal Costs of Redistribution In England,Sweden, and the United States

Date: 1993


Title: The Marginal Cost of Redistribution Lifetime and Annual Perspectives

Date: 1990



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